5 tips to be stress free Pre-Wedding

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A great way to stop stressing is to forget you have stress. How do you accomplish this? Shut off your mind with meditation. Turn down the lights, light a candle, turn off all electronics, get in a comfortable position and breathe.

Stay connected with your fiance’

Though you both are engaged and much in love you need to make sure to not let the wedding planning stifle your time spent together (not talking about wedding). Plan an easy date at the park that you both can enjoy.

Take care of yourself

This includes many of things from exercise, tanning, get your hair done, get a massage, etc. Find an outlet for you to “forget” you are planning a once in a lifetime event through jogging, meditating, or even laying in the sun for an hour.


Don’t be afraid to hand off chores and duties to your bridal party, that is what they are there for after all, right? Try to give your maid of honor, or sisters those tedious errands that you don’t have time for (ie. Finding a garter, picking up tuxedos or gowns, etc).

Start a journal

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to write about it. Not only will writing down how you are feeling help your stress levels it will also give you something to look back on and embrace all those fun memories that can be forgotten in the whirlwind of wedding planning.


A special thanks to Ashley Forakis from MyBridalCloset.com for putting this article together!

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