Local Business Highlight: Avenia Bridal

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Avenía Bridal stands apart by offering high-end designer and custom couture distinguished by expert in-house design and alteration services. Brides have other options for couture, but come to us for the ‘Avenía experience’, which consists of warm and attentive service, impeccable attention to detail, and the reputation of Nancy Barrus and her design staff. With… Read Full Story

5 tips to be stress free Pre-Wedding

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Meditate A great way to stop stressing is to forget you have stress. How do you accomplish this? Shut off your mind with meditation. Turn down the lights, light a candle, turn off all electronics, get in a comfortable position and breathe. Stay connected with your fiance’ Though you both are engaged and much in… Read Full Story

Getting Natural Expressions in your Photography Shoots

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For today’s local business highlight we wanted to give Jared Medley a shout out! Jared does a great job getting his couples to have natural, beautiful expressions in their photos and he wrote a great article about how to do that. Getting Natural Expressions in your Photography Shoots              … Read Full Story

Do Yourself a Favor and Make an Appointment!!

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I am standing there in the middle of our shop where an MOB (Mother of the Bride) is screaming at me. When I say screaming I’m talking about high pitched, veins coming out of her neck, Real Housewives kind of screaming. It was terrifying. As I am standing there with a pleasant look on my… Read Full Story

How to Find the Right Photographer for Your Wedding Day

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Without photographs, what will you have to remember one of the most remarkable days of your life? When you’re in the mood to reminisce, you’ll want those visual memories of the day you put so much time into planning. The best way to capture your ceremony in time is to find the right photographer for… Read Full Story