10 Wedding Planning Hacks

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The average American couple spends over $32,000 on a wedding! The flowers, venue, dress, tux, food, cake, and pictures all add up pretty quickly. Now before you elope to Vegas to save money on your wedding, there are few things you can do to keep costs down. Here are Ten Wedding Hacks to keep more… Read Full Story

The History of Wedding Cakes


The history of wedding cakes can be traced far beyond the days of your grandmother’s nuptials. The early British used to serve “Bride’s Pye” at their weddings. It consisted of many spices, sweetbreads, oysters, cockscombs and lamb testicles, and sometimes, boiled calf’s feet. Ancient Roman and Medieval England Wedding Cakes During ancient Rome times, a… Read Full Story

How to Plan the Perfect Modern Wedding

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You’ve been planning your special day or as long as you can remember. And, now that it’s near, you want to plan the best, modern wedding your friends and family have ever seen. This is the day of your dreams. So, we’re here to help you plan your precious day with these great wedding planning… Read Full Story

How to Buy a Designer Wedding Dress Online

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Is it really possible to buy the designer wedding dress of your dreams online? Of course it is! In fact, you can find everything from second hand designer wedding dresses to one-of-a-kind designer gowns shopping online. However, just like any online purchase, you need to know some do’s and don’ts of buying a designer wedding… Read Full Story

Engagement Party Checklist

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Wow! He proposed, and you said yes! So, now it’s time to celebrate with your family and friends. Your engagement party will be the true beginning of your official wedding day countdown. Use this engagement party checklist to help you plan one people will rave about forever. 2-3 Months Before • Pick a date for… Read Full Story