Costs that Brides Commonly Forget About Weddings

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All brides remember the big costs that go into planning their weddings- the dress, venue, photography, music, food, etc. However, there are a lot of costs that might seem small or even get forgotten completely that can add up to being a lot of money. Don’t let these hidden costs sneak up on you, build them into your wedding budget to be fully prepared for the big bill that’s coming!

  1. Gifts- You probably know that you’re supposed to include a gift for the bridal party, but what about the parents, grand parents, or other close family members who didn’t make it into the bridal party? Most brides end up giving a photo book, framed photos, gift certificates, jewelry, etc, but without factoring that into the budget ahead of time. You might end up giving a smaller gift than expected if you remember the day before the wedding! Another thing to take into consideration is how you choose to ask your bridal party. Most try to do it in a creative way, and this seemingly small cost adds up!
  2. Tips and Tax- Remember to include taxes, service fees, and tips into every vendor you use. They will expect a tip and usually have a tax at your venue, for your dress, catering, bartender, limo driver, etc. Because this can range anywhere from 5-30% of an already very expensive bill, expect this number to be in the thousands.
  3. Stationary- We’re not talking about invitations here. Most brides end up forgetting about the cost of postage, the thank you cards, programs, escort cards, and menus. Keep in mind that you may want special thank you cards fo those in the bridal party or your parents and siblings. Many forget about these small details until late in the game when they’ve already spent their stationary budget on save-the-dates and invitations.
  4. Wedding-related parties- Resist the urge to buy a new cute dress for every occasion related to the wedding. If you have an engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, engagement photo shoot, rehearsal dinner, etc, you’ll go broke! Although typically there is someone else throwing these parties for you, count on still contributing, because most do. Keep in mind what you spend on decorations, travel cost, invitations, or food for these events (if/when you chip in.)
  5. Meals- You have to eat the week before the wedding as friends and family start coming into town, and the day of the wedding and rehearsal. You and your bridesmaids will most likely get ready together, and you’ll need breakfast and lunch before everything starts! Keep in mind that you’ll have to feed your vendors during the reception, and your family will probably want to go out to eat when they get into town the week of the wedding. A lot of couples are so busy during the reception talking to people and taking pictures that they forget to eat. If you end up going to a fast-food place on your way to the hotel, that’s a small cost to consider as well.
  6. Wedding Attire- You may have the perfect dress all picked out and ordered, but rarely is it going to fit exactly how you want it right away. Alterations to your wedding dress are surprisingly expensive. So is preserving and cleaning your gown afterward. Another thing to remember is what you want to wear during your send off (if you are going to change before you leave the reception) and your under-clothing/accessories for the dress. Remember to factor in shape-wear, the garter, jewelry, and shoes.

Although this may seem overwhelming, take it all one-step at a time. The whole wedding will come together before you know it. For more tips on how to stay on budget for a wedding, click here. Enjoy your day!



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