Diamond Engagement Rings in Utah


When buying a diamond there are lots of factors to consider. But, when buying a diamond in Utah, there are more specific factors that are usually considered in this market specifically. If you’re in Utah, and found the love of your life, read on to find out the specific things you’ll need to know before you buy.

  1. Speedy Buys- Utah couples are known for fast engagements, and when compared to states on the East coast who are engaged for years on end, that’s true. The average length of an engagement in the United States is typically a year to 2 years. The average length of an engagement in Utah is 3 to 6 months. What does this mean for you when buying a diamond? If you fit into this category and would prefer to speed up the process, let your jeweler know right off the bat. You will eliminate everything that is not in-stock or close by that way, which will allow you to be more efficient with your time. If you’re not willing to wait to have things made, custom designed, sized, or shipped, your selection is basically what they already have in the store at the moment. You can still find a gorgeous ring this way, your options are just a little narrower.

  1. Shady Jewelers- Utah and Idaho are tied for the youngest average age for weddings in America. Utah’s wedding market is sizeable, and engagement rings are the prime source of income for jewelers. That being said, most of the business coming to these jewelers in Utah are young, first-time buyers. Because of that, jewelers sometimes take advantage of these inexperienced jewelry buyers. However, don’t be afraid, there are plenty of honest, reputable, professional jewelers in Utah. Shop around and find a place where you feel listened to, not pressured and pushed to buy outside your price range. It’s important to find a jeweler that is giving you a good deal for your money instead of trying to make the most of the fact that you’re young. Do your research beforehand, stick to your budget, and by all means, if they’re pushy, go somewhere else!

  1. Saving Money- The average wedding in the United States is around 26,000 dollars, and the average wedding in Utah costs around 12,500 dollars. This means that not only are brides getting married faster and younger, but also cheaper. Brides here are not okay with spending as much as in other markets, and vendors have adjusted to that. Although you can still easily find the expensive vendors, there are more inexpensive vendors here than anywhere else. This affects your hunt for a diamond ring because it changes the price you are likely to pay. The cliche standard for the amount of money to spend on a ring is 2 month’s worth of income. However, knowing that your bride is a Utah bride, (if she falls into this category) she most-likely won’t be comfortable with that high of a price point. Talk together about what you’re both comfortable with spending on an engagement ring, as that will vary person to person. There are lots of ways you can save money on an engagement ring, including compromising on color and clarity, having a different center stone, and going to a jeweler with great prices. This is a wonderful thing because you can still get an excellent ring, but won’t feel guilted into spending a lot because she expects you to.

These little insights about the Utah diamond market will help you a lot as you embark on your journey of diamond-buying together. Enjoy your time being engaged; it flies by!

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