Finding An Engagement Ring That Will Stay Stylish Beyond 2015


If you’re looking to get engaged, you’re also looking at spending the rest of your life with this person. That also means that you’re spending the rest of your life with the ring you choose! Because of that, you might not want to pick something so trendy that it will look crazy in 15 years. Need ideas for ring styles that will stand the test of time? Read on for 5 ideas!

  1. 3 Stone- The three stone diamond engagement ring is an elegant, timeless classic choice. It is also a romantic idea because the three diamonds represent your past, present and future together. You can have the three stones stand alone on the band for a clean, classic look, or add pave or channel set smaller diamonds on the band on the sides. Either way, this sparkly, meaningful look will never go out of style.
  2. Solitaire- The simple solitaire consists of one, brilliant, beautiful diamond that is set alone on a band. You can accomplish the solitaire look with any shape, but round cut is the most common. Again, you can add a little more sparkle to the sides of the band, but you definitely want to keep it understated if you’re going for the solitaire look. This is an absolutely breath-taking style, especially when it is paired with a nearly perfect diamond.
  3. Classic Shapes- Instead of sticking with the average round or princess cut, go back to the vintage styles of the art-deco era by picking a unique shape for your diamond. This will not only make your diamond unique, it will also look beautiful regardless of the time. Look at shapes like asscher, emerald, cushion, heart, pear, marquise, and trilliant cuts and see what you like. You will definitely get compliments for years to come.
  4. Split-band Setting- The split band (also referred to as the split shank setting) consists of two bands that get wider as the meet the center stone in the middle. Because of the way that the two bands open up for the stone in the middle, it really draws your eye in, and creates an illusion of an enormous center stone. This is a very classic, beautiful style that has been made into whatever brides want. There are modern-looking versions of this, as well as detailed, retro-looking versions. Check out several styles, pair it with your favorite diamond shape, and pick what fits your style best.
  5. Wedding Band- Although some brides nowadays opt out of the additional wedding band option, you can keep it timeless by pairing your gorgeous engagement ring with a band that matches and compliments it perfectly. What better way to declare your love for your new husband to the world?

As you look at engagement rings, as yourself if you’ll still love it in 50 years. This is one style choice you’re going to have to live with for a long time! Good luck finding your engagement ring in 2015, and have fun!

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