How Much Should You Spend On The Groom’s Wedding Ring

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How_Much_Should_You_Spend_On_The_Groom_s_Wedding_RingAs a bride-to-be, you might have been imagining what your engagement or wedding ring would look like since you were a teenager – even a young girl. The ring on your finger now may not look exactly how you imagined it at age 17, but you love it – it’s something you’ll be happy to wear for a lifetime.

But what about his ring?

Chances are, you didn’t spend a lot of time dreaming about the wedding band you’d buy for your future husband. And maybe that’s okay. Because after all, guys are different. It’s pretty likely he didn’t use much energy dreaming about his wedding band either – he was too busy looking for you.

Your groom may not have considered the kind of ring he would want until you asked him. And even then, he might need to shop around to get some ideas on color, material, embellishments, and fit. But while he decides what he likes, there is one thing you should be thinking about – your budget.

How much do these things cost, anyway?

Lucky for you, wedding bands for men typically don’t cost as much as a woman’s engagement ring. Many men are perfectly happy with a simple band, but some may want something a little more unique. A simple gold band could cost around $300, but if he wants platinum, you could be looking at $1,000 or more. And obviously, placing stones in the band could significantly impact the price.

When deciding what to spend on your groom’s wedding band, there are a few things you should consider.

  • Types of metal. Gold is obviously the classic choice, and comes at a pretty good price point. Silver is much less expensive but not as durable. Platinum is very durable, but also very pricey. Palladium offers great durability, but can be hard to find. Let him decide what metals he likes and which colors suit him, and go from there.
  • Maintenance. You might not think of a wedding band as needing maintenance. But if your groom likes white gold, for instance, that white finish will start to wear off eventually, showing the yellow gold underneath. To keep the white color, it will need to be rhodium plated every so often, depending on how much abuse the ring takes over time. Other metals like platinum or gold will rarely, if ever need such maintenance.
  • Details. If your groom wants a special design, comfort fit, or stones, you’ll be looking at a higher price. He may even like the idea of a custom ring that you design together. Many jewelers can do that for you – you’ll just have to decide if it justifies the extra cost.
  • Your own situation. Are you willing to finance a wedding band? Many plans make doing so very affordable. How much are you spending on your wedding already? Should you get a less expensive ring now and upgrade later? Asking yourself these questions will help you put things in perspective.

Overall, when considering what to spend, look at the big picture. Should you consider rings as part of your general wedding budget? If so, most couples should plan to spend around 3% of their wedding budget on rings, but yours could be more or less depending on the size of your wedding, and the expense of your tastes. Whatever your budget, be sure to let him try on a wide selection of rings that won’t overwhelm you with their price tag.

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