How to Find the Best Photographer For Your Engagements


Your engagement photos are one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding – and for good reason. Not only will they likely be included in your invitations, but they’ll also capture one of the happiest times of your life.

Just like your wedding jewelry, you’ll be keeping and looking at your engagement photos for a very long time, so getting what you want is paramount. Unfortunately, the importance of your engagement photos can also make finding the right photographer a major headache.

So, how do you find the right Engagement Photographer?

Today there are likely dozens, if not hundreds of photographers available to do your engagements. While it’s good to have plenty of choices, sometimes it complicates things. Your best friend used one. Your cousin used another. Your Facebook friends all have an opinion. They’re all trying to help, but how do you make sure you hire the right photographer for you?

Of course, this is your decision to make. But are a few tips that might help point you in the right direction.

1. Go online

Now, we don’t mean searching Google for photographers in your area, though you could do that. But once you’ve asked your friends and family for referrals, make sure you visit the website of every photographer on your list. Look at samples of their work, and make sure you like the quality and style of their portfolio before going any further.

2. Find your style

You may not know what style you want until you see some examples. This is also where going online can come in handy. Maybe you’re into traditional portraiture. Maybe you like candid shots. Perhaps you like posed portraits in unique places with vintage props. The field is wide open – you just need to look around to decide what you like. Looking at the websites of several photographers can help you pin down your style. And if you already know you have “out of the box” tastes, be sure to ask any prospective photographer how they would match those tastes during your session.

3. Do your homework

These days, most prospective photographers probably have blogs, Facebook pages, and Google reviews online. Look at the feedback they’ve received and how they respond to it. You could also check with your local Better Business Bureau to see any complaint records. But remember, many talented and trustworthy photographers – especially the independent ones – probably haven’t bothered to register with the BBB.

4. Set up a meeting

Make sure you meet with your prospective photographers to ensure a personality match. If you get a weird vibe or just don’t think it’s a good fit, listen to your gut. After all, it’s your wedding, and you’ll be looking at these pictures for a long time to come. Meeting your photographer in person at least once is important to establishing a good working relationship for such an important occasion.

5. Compare prices

If your wedding is on a tight budget, this is a given. The least expensive (or most expensive) engagement photographer isn’t necessarily the best one for you. Decide which ones you think are a good fit, then compare packages to see who offers the best value. Photographers with less experience might be just as talented, while charging significantly less than photography chains or well-known freelancers.

6. Consider your rights

Many photographers want to keep all rights to every photo they take. This allows them to use the photos for their own promotional purposes. However, their copyright restrictions may also preclude you from printing or posting any of the digital proofs online. Some will allow online posting with a small watermark giving them credit. Others may require you to buy the rights before doing any of your own posting or publishing. So before hiring a photographer, make sure you know your rights and how they’ll affect sharing your photos.

Remember: The most important thing is for you to be happy with your photos. They should reflect your personality and style, and capture the happiness of this time in your life. Before you trust a photographer with your engagements, make sure you feel right about your decision. It never hurts to trust your instincts. With a little homework, you’ll have photos you can enjoy for a lifetime.

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