How To Find The Perfect Wedding Florist

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How To Find The Perfect Wedding Florist (1)

It’s pertinent to find a florist that specializes and caters to designs within the wedding industry. Look for a company that focuses their designs around event type floral design. Once you narrow down those wedding florists, find one that compliments your style. Rachel Zoe is quoted saying, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. Look at their portfolios. See whose designs appeal to you and what you’re envisioning for your wedding day. Each florists designs can vary dramatically from another. A lot of times you can get a feel for a florist through their look
book, portfolio work, and their blog.

Do your history on them. What do other professionals in the wedding industry say about them? See how often a florists work has been published locally and nationally both in print and online. Local and national wedding websites and blogs feature the very best vendors! You should be able to easily find this on their website along with links to these features and publications. This is also a good sign of longevity and how long your wedding florist has been in business. It says a lot about experience and good customer service.

Lastly, meet with your potential candidates. The very first question you’ll want to ask is if they’re available for your wedding date. Great wedding florists book several months in advance. Most offer complimentary consultations. Upon meeting with your candidates in person, you should be able to determine exactly who is the best fit for you! Flowers are a crucial part of your event. They aid in creating the ultimate feel you and your guests will experience and remember for years to come. Putting time and effort into finding the right florist for you is time well spent!

Great Job Cali and thanks for writing about what couples need to look for in a florist!

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