How To Know Where To Get Married?

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There are many decisions you will make as a newly engaged couple. Some may be fairly simple; hair up

or hair down; some more significant; “I do” or “I don’t”. On your list of important decisions to make,

the venue of where to hold your special day resides right up there at the top of the list. There are some

of you who knew from an early age where your wedding and reception would take place. However, for

many of you the need to select the venue is just one more daunting decision to make as you plan for

your event. For the latter group, we hope the following simple tips will help make that selection a little


You may have heard the saying, “location, location, location”. Well, this holds true for your wedding

day as much as it does anything else. Do you love the mountains, fields, desert, orchards, barns, beach,

city, gardens? Where would your dream wedding take place? You may not be able to be married in a

vineyard in Tuscany, but you can find a venue that matches that style a bit closer to home. This will be

the backdrop for your big day, you want it to fit you and your style. It is always wonderful to hear bride’s

families or friends say, “this is so you”. And remember, the ideal location should also be accessible to

your guests. The location may be perfect, but if you can’t share it with those nearest and dearest to you

then it won’t seem as perfect on your big day.

Once you have compiled a list of your top 2-4 locations, the next step is prioritizing what you want from

your wedding venue. You may be set on inviting a large number of guests. Make sure that the venue

you choose can accommodate such. You may have always imagined being married in a lush garden, on

a golf course, in a vineyard, make certain that the location you choose has an outdoor facility that can

accommodate such. Prioritize what is most important to you and narrow your list of venues down with

how well they can accommodate your vision.

Next, unless money is no issue, which for most of us is not the case, you will want to find out the prices

of your top venues. Most venues will be able to provide you with a cost breakdown including any

additional fees. If they don’t, ask detailed questions to make sure you understand exactly how much you

will be paying when everything is said and done. Most deposits are non-refundable, so make certain that

you understand their policy regarding changing dates or cancelling the event entirely.

Finally, make sure you know the rules of the venue. Do you want to have fireworks, serve alcohol, setup

the night before your event? Many venues will have rules regarding these and many other wedding day

activities. You should ask for a list of rules to make sure there are no deal breakers before you put down

your deposit and sign a contract.

Hopefully these tips help you in selecting the perfect venue for your special day and we hope to hear

from you during your search. Wadley Farms is a fantastic location which has a variety of different areas

from a beautifully restored railroad building to an updated barn with huge wood arch beams with a

wrought iron balcony. We can also accommodate and hold events in our beautiful formal gardens

surrounded by lush, fragrant orchards and grapevines with the majestic Mount Timpanogos in the

background. Wadley Farms has over 20 years’ experience in the wedding business and we will help in

any way we can to make your day perfect and everlasting. For more information or to schedule a tour

please visit our website at Photo provided by Jessica Peterson.

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