Money Saving Tips for Weddings

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We all know getting married is expensive. But, the good news is, there are several things you can do to ease the burden on your pocket book.

  1. Get a smaller cake and then use larger (hidden) sheet cakes for guests. No one will notice if the individual pieces are brought out and put onto the cake table after the cake has been cut. Sheet cake is significantly cheaper because it doesn’t require fondant, special decoration, or expensive flavoring.
  2. Limit the number of guests. The amount of people you invite has a huge impact on your price for the day. This includes the number of invitations, thank you cards, favors, food, cake, tables and chairs, etc. If you are having a hard time cutting down your list, start from the beginning and write down each party in order of importance.  Set a limit you’d like to stick to beforehand, and stop once you get to that number. If certain people didn’t make the cut, they are distant enough to you for it to be okay. This sounds harsh, but it’s the only way to make sure your close loved ones are there while still cutting costs.
  3. Re-use ceremony flowers as cake table and other table décor for the reception. You can collect them after the ceremony and then arrange them as center pieces, put them by the guest sign-in book, or in any other area you feel may need a little more decoration. This is a good way to cut costs and make the flowers useful, because most bridesmaids don’t end up keeping their bouquets anyway. And even though the flower girl already dropped all those petals, they’d still look great around the frames of you and your fiancé.
  4. Look around at decorations and frames you might already have in your own home. You’d be surprised what you or a friend might already have. Most brides have family members or friends who have gotten married before. Talk to people who have recently gotten married and see what they still have that you could borrow and re-use. They might have a cardholder, ring bearer pillow, centerpieces, or linens.
  5. Making your own favors is an excellent idea for cutting costs. However, you do need to realize that “do it yourself” is not always cheaper. Do your research beforehand and add up every cost for what the project will entail. It may end up being equal or more. Many brides now are choosing to forego the favors completely because most people end up leaving them at the reception or throwing them away anyway. That’s a quick and easy way to cut two hundred to five hundred dollars out of your budget.
  6. Keep your invites to only one page. It has become popular to have tons of pictures, foldouts, and additional cards in invitations, and in most cases this can all be avoided.  You can mention on the invitation everything you need to say without needing to buy the extra inserts and pay for the double or triple sided ones. Look into cheaper options of paper, ink, and so on. It may also be cheaper in a stationary bundle that comes with the thank you cards and escort cards.
  7. Email your save the dates. There are lots of websites that allow you to create an electronic save the date and send it in an email to everyone who would need it. This is 100% free and they often include a free website and your save the date email will include a link to your wedding website.
  8. Offer a smaller food menu at your reception. Resist the urge to buy the full, four-course meal, and do the simple stuff that everybody loves. There are cheaper food items that caterers will make for cheaper, or you can order less. Simply by doing appetizers, finger foods, and light desserts and drinks, you will save a lot.

You see? It is still possible to have the wedding of your dreams without making it crazy expensive.


Author Bio- Derek Mason is a husband and father who likes fishing and his job as a wedding planner. Wilson Diamonds is a great jeweler with all the necessities to make your ring a dream come t

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