October 2013 Local News

Local News

‘iPosture’ drives back pain in millenials, study says


An increasing number of 18-24 year olds are reporting significant back pain, and studies show that this may be linked to slouching in front of computers and other electronic devices.

Romney opposes GOP strategy that led to government shutdown


Joining a growing number of other vocal Republicans, Mitt Romney voices concerns about the strategy the GOP is taking against the Affordable Care Act.

Voter Registration Deadlines Near


October 7, 2013 is the deadline for Utah voter registration, whether residents choose to do so via mail, online or in person.

Mormon feminism more than just about ordination


Mormon feminism inhabits a broad spectrum of interests and goals, but all come together to promote women’s roles and contributions to the LDS church.

Intramural fields just the beginning


UVU’s new intramural fields hosted the first athletic competitions on September 17, 2013 and the four 80-yard areas are just the beginning of campus expansion plans.

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