Benefits of Custom Ring Designs


Having the perfect ring for your marriage is a truly wonderful thing. Having custom ring designs can mean a lot for both you and your spouse. There are a few different reasons why this is so important. In order to understand what makes these rings so special, you have to look towards the importance of… Read Full Story

How To Know Where To Get Married?

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  There are many decisions you will make as a newly engaged couple. Some may be fairly simple; hair up or hair down; some more significant; “I do” or “I don’t”. On your list of important decisions to make, the venue of where to hold your special day resides right up there at the top… Read Full Story

Wedding Cake Trends of 2014

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Summer is just around the corner; and with the warming temperatures, cake flavors will also start to vary.  This year there are some great new trends as far as wedding cakes that will make a great impression with your guests. Metallic:  Using gold leaf and metallic colored accents will give your cake a splash of… Read Full Story

LOVE AT FIRST SITE: 12 Local Venues That Will Give You A Warm Reception

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Talk about having your heart in the right place. Picking the perfect reception venue is the first step to your wedding wonderland. The “where” sets not only the backdrop, but the tone and feel of your once-in-a-lifetime party. Lucky for you, Utah Valley is bursting with venue variety. We have reception centers that cater to… Read Full Story

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Florist

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  It’s pertinent to find a florist that specializes and caters to designs within the wedding industry. Look for a company that focuses their designs around event type floral design. Once you narrow down those wedding florists, find one that compliments your style. Rachel Zoe is quoted saying, “Style is a way to say who… Read Full Story