Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

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1. Find someone who you can have an amazing time with. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you want to spend it with someone that you love–and yes, not just your future spouse, I mean the photographer! I end up being such great friends with so many… Read Full Story

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

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In the end, whether or not you follow proper wedding invitation etiquette is up to you. There are many great resources on the internet to answer even more of your wedding invitation etiquette questions, but don’t be afraid to ask for the advice of your wedding professional. We are here to help in whatever capacity… Read Full Story

Local Business Highlight: Avenia Bridal

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Avenía Bridal stands apart by offering high-end designer and custom couture distinguished by expert in-house design and alteration services. Brides have other options for couture, but come to us for the ‘Avenía experience’, which consists of warm and attentive service, impeccable attention to detail, and the reputation of Nancy Barrus and her design staff. With… Read Full Story

How to Get a Good Wedding Videographer

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Wedding videography is often over-looked. People get photographers and assume that’s enough, but the truth is, still pictures don’t fully capture the fullness of the day and the atmosphere, and allow you relive it again and again. Once brides decide videography is something they definitely need, the overwhelming task of finding the perfect vendor ensues.… Read Full Story

Wedding Invitations: Things to Consider


The invitations can end up being the most time-consuming part of planning a wedding because it involves so many other things. You’ve got to have a guest list for the ceremony and reception, and know all of their addresses. That alone is a lot of work, so most brides over-look the other details that go… Read Full Story