Costs that Brides Commonly Forget About Weddings

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All brides remember the big costs that go into planning their weddings- the dress, venue, photography, music, food, etc. However, there are a lot of costs that might seem small or even get forgotten completely that can add up to being a lot of money. Don’t let these hidden costs sneak up on you, build… Read Full Story

Why I Became A Wedding Photographer: Mallory DeMotte

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The first time it occurred to me to become a wedding photographer came during my own wedding as I watched my photographer working her magic. I remember thinking how wonderful it must be to have a job where you get to go to weddings all the time: the love, the fun, the excitement! So much… Read Full Story

5 tips to be stress free Pre-Wedding

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Meditate A great way to stop stressing is to forget you have stress. How do you accomplish this? Shut off your mind with meditation. Turn down the lights, light a candle, turn off all electronics, get in a comfortable position and breathe. Stay connected with your fiance’ Though you both are engaged and much in… Read Full Story

Getting Natural Expressions in your Photography Shoots

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For today’s local business highlight we wanted to give Jared Medley a shout out! Jared does a great job getting his couples to have natural, beautiful expressions in their photos and he wrote a great article about how to do that. Getting Natural Expressions in your Photography Shoots              … Read Full Story

Do Yourself a Favor and Make an Appointment!!

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I am standing there in the middle of our shop where an MOB (Mother of the Bride) is screaming at me. When I say screaming I’m talking about high pitched, veins coming out of her neck, Real Housewives kind of screaming. It was terrifying. As I am standing there with a pleasant look on my… Read Full Story