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There is no doubt that planning a wedding can be stressful, the level increasing with each person added to the guest list. Although engaged couples want all of their loved ones to share their joy, the stress of planning a large wedding can often detract attention from the very point; a celebration of their new… Read Full Story

Winter Bridal Extravaganza


Planning a wedding can be a stressful task that involves coordinating multiple components into one dream day. For some, planning a wedding is a full time job and engaged couples employ an expert in the industry to handle all the details involved. However, planning a beautiful wedding on your own, without giving up your whole… Read Full Story

The History of Wedding Cakes


The history of wedding cakes can be traced far beyond the days of your grandmother’s nuptials. The early British used to serve “Bride’s Pye” at their weddings. It consisted of many spices, sweetbreads, oysters, cockscombs and lamb testicles, and sometimes, boiled calf’s feet. Ancient Roman and Medieval England Wedding Cakes During ancient Rome times, a… Read Full Story

How to Plan the Perfect Modern Wedding

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You’ve been planning your special day or as long as you can remember. And, now that it’s near, you want to plan the best, modern wedding your friends and family have ever seen. This is the day of your dreams. So, we’re here to help you plan your precious day with these great wedding planning… Read Full Story

How to Know What Diamond to Buy


Do you feel about overwhelmed just thinking about buying a diamond? Are you concerned with learning the basics about diamonds before you start shopping for one? Well, first you need to know some basic questions to ask that will help ease you through your buying process. 4 Basics Tips for Buying a Diamond To make… Read Full Story