Six Elements to an Incredible Fall Wedding in Northern Utah

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You’ve found the right guy. Perhaps you’ve been to the right jewelry store and chosen the perfect ring. You’ve been thinking about your wedding and gathering ideas for a while now — perhaps years.¬†But what if the time of year throws you for a loop?

For example, many brides fantasize about having a spring or summer wedding. They’ve gathered all kinds of ideas based on what they see as the perfect time of year to get married. However, when the time comes, most are more concerned with marrying the right person than they are about the time of year — and rightly so.

You wouldn’t change a thing about your relationship, so try changing up your plans to fit the season.

There are plenty of fun and romantic ways to celebrate your marriage no matter the season. And especially in Utah, autumn is no exception. If the timing of your relationship results in a fall wedding, there are plenty of ways to use that to your advantage when planning an incredible day. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Invitations
    When designing your invitations, think outside what you might have had in mind since you were 16. Fall is a stunning time of year in northern Utah, so use it. Consider designing invitations with a fall motif and color scheme that fits the beauty of autumn.
  2. Venues
    Look at venues for your ceremony and/or reception that bring the outside in. While you probably wouldn’t plan an outdoor event in October in Utah, there are many reception halls that offer outdoor seating options if the weather cooperates. If everything must stay indoors, a venue with large windows for viewing Utah’s natural fall decor can add a lot to the atmosphere — especially if you choose a place close to the mountains.
  3. Flowers
    Perhaps daisies or tulips are your favorites. But why not mix in some beautiful fall foliage with your bouquet and other arrangements that are widely available this time of year? While florists can probably get you whatever you like, fall shades of orange, brown, and red can make a beautiful fall wedding even more warm and inviting. A creative florist should have some great ideas for you.
  4. Photography
    Outdoor bridal or engagement shots in autumn colors can be stunning. Picture a while wedding gown against a mountain backdrop, or some rustic candid photos for your invitations. Outdoor fall photo shoots can get your photographer’s creative juices flowing, and provide a warm setting for every photo they take on the big day.
  5. Decor
    Consider incorporating appropriate fall accents, colors, and props in your wedding decorations. Think about fall leaves, branches and pumpkins, combined with the right lighting. These elements can result in gorgeous centerpieces, backdrops and more. The atmosphere can be enhanced with the warm and spicy scents of the season.
  6. Food
    Everyone loves the flavors and smells of fall food. Your guests are sure to remember how well your meal or refreshments tie in with the time of year. The flavors and colors of pumpkin, cranberry, squash and more can add delicious and inviting fall elements to your menu.

Fall is a beautiful time to get married in northern Utah. The excitement of choosing¬†jewelry, dresses, and a place to live can seem overwhelming, but don’t let the creative opportunities of a fall wedding pass you by. Use the season to enhance your day and make it more memorable for everyone.

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