Things To Remember When Planning a Spring Wedding

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Getting hitched this spring? Congratulations! As you probably know, planning a wedding for spring involves different concerns than weddings in summer, winter, or fall. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind as you plan your beautiful spring nuptials.

Weather- Because spring is typically a season with more rain, you need to take weather into consideration when planning the entire event. This will affect your ceremony and reception sites, dresses, and reception activities. There is no way to guarantee that your date will be clear, so plan on it raining just so you’re prepared. One idea is to pick a venue that has tents that they can pull out and use or an option to move the party indoors. You may also want to get decretive or clear umbrellas in case you have to walk down the aisle with one. Discuss with your photographer what his or her plans are for overcast lighting just in case. You wouldn’t want to end up with bad pictures because of the weather.

Colors- Spring brides often choose pastels for a spring wedding. Don’t feel like you have to do that, because after all, this is your wedding. If you want to change up the traditional colors, choose a pastel with a bolder, contrasting color. One example of this is petal pink and chocolate brown. You can also go for the bright, fun colors of spring- like lime green, coral, yellow, and bright pink. Let your colors be an expression of you and your fiancé.

Attire- The bridesmaids’ dresses, suits for the guys, and what your guests wear will be something to think about with unpredictable spring weather. We’ve all been to outdoor weddings in the spring where they were expecting it to be warmer, and all the guests froze. Your guests, bridal party, and even you and your fiancé won’t have as much fun if they are not prepared with the right amount of covering. If you’re set on having the bridesmaids in lightweight fabric, strapless, and leg bearing, plan on having heaters at your event. If you want them in floor-length dresses with long sleeves, consider making it out of a lightweight fabric in case it’s a warm day.

Timing- If you are determined to have your wedding in the spring, a lot of things will depend on when you get engaged. Many couples get engaged in November through February, and if you’re one of those February brides, you’re not working with very much time to throw a spring wedding together. Most dress shops will receive a dress four to five months after ordering it from the designer. If you don’t have the luxury of 5 months to get your dress, you’ll have to buy straight off the rack at stores. Because you will be buying your dress as-is, you may end up visiting multiple stores before you find one that fits perfect and is exactly what you want, or something that is at least alterable. Finding a venue will also be slim-pickins’ at short notice. If you are set on a certain ceremony or reception venue, you may need to settle for a weekday in order to book there. Most high-end reception centers start booking their spring and summer weekends in late fall or early winter. My advice would be to get your venue and your dress as soon as possible after getting engaged, so that you can have a better chance of getting what you want.

Budget- Planning your wedding in a short time period may end up affecting your budget as well. Some reception venues give discounts for booking with them a day that is under 3 months away. Some places and vendors may have extra fees for a short-notice booking. Your price will definitely be affected on most products and services in the wedding industry if you are getting married anytime between the months of April to September. This is considered the busy season, so many things will cost more then. Vendors have discounted prices and special deals for brides getting married between October and March.


Author Bio- Derek Mason is a wedding planner working in the Salt Lake City area. For more spring wedding ideas, click the link.

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