Wedding Cake Trends of 2014

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Summer is just around the corner; and with the warming temperatures, cake flavors will also start to vary.  This year there are some great new trends as far as wedding cakes that will make a great impression with your guests.

Metallic:  Using gold leaf and metallic colored accents will give your cake a splash of glamour and shine setting it apart from the rest.

Naked:  Forget the coverings, fondant or buttercream; leaving the cake exposed would be a great match for a rustic woodland wedding.

Ombre:  This trend might have started with hair fashion, but the gradient effect will make your cake look amazing.

Ruffles:  Along with giving your cake texture, these can provide a dramatic element to your cake, an can be used in only one tier or can cover the entire cake.

Rustic:  The texturing and aging of the cake surface using pearl sheens can give your cake new depth.

Bold Colors:  Don’t be afraid of a little color. Make your cake a statement piece; a splash of color on your all white cake will give it a contemporary edge.

Fresh Fruit:  Summer time means fresh fruit in season, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, not only will they be pretty to look at, but will also make for some delicious decorations.

Ultimately what makes a cake special? Is it the design? Is it the flavor of the cake? Or is it the filling?  Having all three can make for a great cake; but is it enough to make it truly special?  That is where we come in. We are Gourmet Cakes; we can help you take a great idea for a cake and make it truly special and meaningful by incorporating your own special details; after all, trends come and go, but the memories of your wedding will be with you forever.

What sets us apart from other bakeries and cake makers is that we take the word “Gourmet” to heart.  We do not make cakes out of boxes or mixes. Our cakes are made from scratch just like our fillings and our fondant with recipes developed through years of testing.  The few ingredients that we do not personally create are sourced from the finest names in their industries; not something you get from your local arts and crafts store. Let our years of expertise and culinary experience help you make your wedding day just a little bit more beautiful, flavorful and a little more special.

By Heber Iraheta

Media Director of Gourmet Cakes by Socorro.

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