Why I Became A Wedding Photographer: Mallory DeMotte

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The first time it occurred to me to become a wedding photographer came during my own wedding as I watched my photographer working her magic. I remember thinking how wonderful it must be to have a job where you get to go to weddings all the time: the love, the fun, the excitement! So much better than my desk job at the time, staring at spreadsheets all day. Fast forward a few years, and here I am living that dream! And let me tell you, it’s as great as I imagined. Yes, the hours on my feet are long, but with every wedding comes wonderful moments that I get the privilege to witness.

My favorite part of any wedding is when I get to see the truth of the couples’ love for one another. When suddenly they forget about everyone else and their guard comes down. It’s magic. One of my favorite examples of this was last summer, as I was photographing a ceremony. This couple had been together since middle school. The bride was incredibly sweet. I hadn’t actually met the groom until that day. He seemed nice, although he was very quiet and didn’t show much emotion. During the ceremony, the bride read her vow to her groom, shedding a few tears. Then it was his turn, and as he began to read, the tears started to flow. Of course, that made her start to cry. He saw her crying and then his tears REALLY started going and had to stop. The the audience lost it and the whole place was waterworks. He was unsuccessfully wiping the tears; she was furiously fanning away at her eyes. Then someone started laughing and soon everyone was roaring with laughter. It was a beautiful mess. It was in that moment that I felt his deep love for her, and hers for him. It gave me goosebumps.

At another wedding, during the dancing, I caught a secret moment between my bride and groom. Everyone was on the floor and completely absorbed in the music, not paying attention to anything but the sway of the beat. I happened to glance over at my couple and caught a moment they didn’t think anyone else saw. Have you ever seen a parent really play with their child? When they get all crazy and tickle-y and start pretending they’re a monster and “I’m gonna get you!”? Yeah. That’s what I got to see. Their completely unguarded moment.

Sigh. My job. I’m so lucky to be able to witness little explosions of love like this on a regular basis. The work may be long. And sometimes all of the editing makes me want to bang my head against a wall multiple times, but the moments I’ve been able to see are the meat and potatoes of my job and truly make it all worth it.

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